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American Style Coffee Machine Market Research Report : Global Coffee Machine Market Revenue is Expected to Reach USD 12.63 Billion by 2024

Published Date: 2024-06-13

According to YH Research's American Style Coffee Machine Market Research Report, this report provides American Style Coffee Machine Market scenario, definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure, also discusses development policies and plans as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures, analyses American Style Coffee Machine Market development status and future market trends. It also analyses the Americano Coffee Maker market from the angles of production and consumption, and analyses the main production regions, the main consumption regions, and the main manufacturers.

American-style coffee machines usually adopt drip-filter extraction technology to extract aromatic coffee by slowly dripping hot water through the layer of coffee powder. Its product features include easy operation, full-bodied coffee and easy cleaning. Currently on the market a wide range of American-style coffee makers, both traditional drip coffee makers, but also with intelligent control, automatic cleaning and other features of high-end coffee makers. Take the Panasonic NC-A701 American-style automatic coffee machine as an example, it adopts cone grinding technology, multi-stage grinding mode, intelligent touch control interface and other features to meet consumer demand for high-quality coffee.

I. Global Market Size

According to the research institute YH Research, the global coffee machine market revenue is expected to reach USD 12.63 billion in 2024, equivalent to about RMB 91.56 billion. In the coffee machine market, American-style coffee machines occupy an important market share due to their wide applicability and stable performance. It is analysed that with consumers' pursuit of high-quality coffee and improvement of life quality, the American-style coffee machine market will continue to maintain a growth trend.

II. Market Competition Pattern

Competition in the American-style coffee machine market is fierce, with internationally renowned brands such as Philips, Nestle, Delonghi, etc. dominating the market with their advanced technology and brand influence. At the same time, some emerging brands have also risen rapidly with unique product design and innovative marketing strategies, intensifying market competition. In addition, there are differences in the market competition pattern in different countries and regions, and local brands have a certain market share in certain regions.

III. Market Development Trends

1. Intelligent and connectivity: With the development of intelligent technology, more and more American coffee machines are beginning to have intelligent functions, such as remote control, timed start, personalised adjustment, etc.. At the same time, some coffee machines also have the ability to connect with mobile phone applications, enabling users to achieve more customised operations and experiences through mobile phones.
2. Customised coffee experience: Consumers' pursuit of coffee quality and taste has become increasingly personalised, so customised coffee has become a trend. Manufacturers are beginning to launch coffee machines that can adjust coffee strength, temperature, milk froth and other parameters according to user taste preferences to meet the needs of different users.
3. Sustainable development and environmental awareness: The rise of environmental awareness has had an impact on the coffee machine industry. Manufacturers have begun to focus on the life cycle environmental impact of their products, launching more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products. At the same time, some manufacturers are also focusing on the sourcing and production process of coffee beans, emphasising sustainable sourcing and social responsibility.
4. Growth in emerging markets: Coffee consumption is growing rapidly in emerging markets such as Asia, Latin America and Africa. Consumer demand for American-style coffee machines in these regions will also continue to increase, bringing new growth opportunities to the market.

IV. Conclusion and Recommendations
In summary, the American-style coffee machine market occupies an important position in the global coffee machine market, and the market size continues to expand. With the increasing consumer demand for high-quality coffee and continuous technological innovation, the American-style coffee machine market will usher in more development opportunities. It is recommended that manufacturers focus on the development trends of intelligence, customisation, environmental protection and emerging markets, increase R&D and innovation, and launch more products that meet consumers' needs. At the same time, strengthen brand building and marketing strategy innovation, increase brand awareness and market share.

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