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Display Tester Market Research Report : Market Size Expected to Reach USD 740 Million by 2029

Published Date: 2024-06-05

Display testers are mainly used to test key performance indicators such as brightness, chromaticity, contrast, resolution, etc. of displays. There is a wide range of display tester products in the market with different functions. For example, Adobe RGB testing equipment is suitable for professional-grade image and video processing; OHSP350L customised luminance spectrometer is suitable for active light-emitting displays such as LCD screens, OLEDs and other displays, as well as for brightness testing of passive reflected light such as movie screens and projectors. In addition, with the continuous emergence of new display technologies, such as AMOLED, MiniLED/MicroLED, etc., display testers also need to be updated and iterated to meet the testing needs of new displays.


With the continuous progress of science and technology, displays, as the key equipment for information presentation, are increasingly widely used in various electronic products. In order to ensure the performance and quality of displays, display testers, as an important testing tool, have shown steady growth in market demand. This report aims to comprehensively analyse the current status, competitive landscape, product introduction, development trend and product features of the global display tester market, with a view to providing valuable references for enterprises and investors in the industry.

the global market size

According to QYResearch's latest report "Global Flat Panel Display Testing Equipment Market Report 2023-2029", the global flat panel display testing equipment market size is expected to reach USD 740 million by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3%. Among them, display tester, as an important part of flat panel display inspection equipment, its market size will also grow. Especially in the HDR (high dynamic range) display and wide colour gamut display and other high-end products, display tester market demand will be further expanded.

Market Competition Pattern

The major players in the global display tester market include Hitachi High-Tech, Sony, Keysight Technologies and other internationally renowned companies. These companies occupy most of the market share by virtue of their technological accumulation and brand influence in the fields of optical measurement, colour analysis and automated testing. At the same time, with the intensification of market competition, major companies are also constantly strengthening technological innovation and market expansion to consolidate their market position.

the market development trend

1. High-end trend: With the improvement of consumer requirements for display performance, the market demand for high-end display testers will continue to grow. These high-end devices usually have higher measurement accuracy, wider measurement range and richer test functions.
2. Automation Trend: With the increasing level of industrial automation, the proportion of automated test equipment in the display tester market will gradually increase. Automated test equipment can significantly improve testing efficiency and reduce labour costs, is an important development direction of the future market.
3. Customisation Trend: Different industries and application scenarios have different needs for display testers, so customised products will gradually become a new trend in the market. Customised products can better meet the individual needs of customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Product Functions
The functions of display testers are becoming increasingly rich and perfect, including brightness measurement, chromaticity analysis, contrast test, resolution detection and so on. Among them, the colour analyzer, as an important part of the monitor tester, its measurement accuracy and range are crucial to ensure the accuracy and consistency of monitor colour. For example, with its highly sensitive sensor and innovative circuit design, the CA-410 colour analyser is able to ensure accurate measurement of the chromaticity and gamma characteristics of displays under both high and low brightness conditions, meeting the testing needs of HDR displays.

Summary and Recommendations

To sum up, the global display tester market shows a steady growth trend with a promising market prospect. In order to seize the market opportunities, it is recommended that enterprises in the industry strengthen technological innovation and product development to improve the measurement accuracy and test range of their products; at the same time, they should strengthen market expansion and brand building to increase brand awareness and market share. In addition, in response to the market trend of increasing demand for customisation, enterprises should strengthen the R&D and production capacity of customised products to meet the individual needs of customers.

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