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Aviation Piston Engine Market Report : China Aviation Piston Engine Industry Market Size is Expected to Grow by 6.3% Y-o-Y in 2024

Published Date: 2024-06-03

An aviation piston engine is a reciprocating internal combustion engine that provides flight power for aircraft, and is a four-stroke, petrol engine with spark plug ignition. It works by rotating the crankshaft two times, causing each piston to reciprocate four times in the cylinder to complete a cycle of four strokes, which are, in turn, intake, compression, expansion and exhaust.

With the rapid development of technology, the introduction of the turbojet engine has brought a revolutionary breakthrough for the aviation industry. With its higher flight speed and longer range, as well as relatively simple structure and lower maintenance costs, the turbojet engine became the mainstream power option at the time. On the basis of turbojet engines, engineers further developed turbofan engines, which improved efficiency and economy during subsonic flight by adding large fans, and the market size of the aviation piston engine industry continued to grow.

With the continuous expansion of the aviation market and the application of new energy technologies, its market potential is being continuously tapped and released, of which the market size of China's aviation piston engine industry grew by 6.2% year-on-year in 2023, and is expected to grow by 6.3% year-on-year in 2024.

New technologies and products are expected to drive the development of the entire industry with the continuous addition of supporting enterprises around AeroDynamics and main manufacturers of small and medium-sized jet engines and piston engines. With the rapid development of China's aviation industry, especially the increased investment in military and civil aviation.

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