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Cross Border Travel Services Market Research Report : International Tourism Revenue to exceed US$ 107 Billion by 2024

Published Date: 2024-05-30

According to Cross Border Travel Services Market Research Report published by YH Research, this report provides Cross Border Travel Services market scenario, definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure, also discusses development policies and plans as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures to analyse the Cross Border Travel Services market's current state of development and future market trends. It also analyses the Cross Border Travel Services market from the angles of production and consumption, to the main production regions, the main consumption regions, and the main manufacturers.

I. Introduction

With the deepening of globalisation and the improvement of people's living standards, the cross-border tourism services market is witnessing unprecedented development opportunities. The purpose of this report is to provide relevant enterprises with reference and decision-making basis through in-depth analyses of industry factors such as product introduction, global market size, market competition pattern, market development trend, product features, product value, etc. in the cross-border travel services market.

Second, cross-border tourism services product introduction

Cross-border tourism service products refer to the sum of material products and services consumed by tourism operators to satisfy international tourists in cross-border tourism activities. According to the type of products, cross-border tourism services can be divided into single tourism products, combined tourism products and comprehensive tourism products. Among them, single tourism products mainly include accommodation, catering, transport, sightseeing, entertainment and other services; combined tourism products are tourism line products formed by organically combining a variety of single tourism products according to the needs of tourists; and comprehensive tourism products cover all the material products and services required by tourists in a tourism activity.

Global Market Scale

According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), the number of international tourists continues to grow, reaching 1.4 billion in 2019. The China Tourism Academy predicts that the recovery process of the inbound and outbound tourism market will be further accelerated in 2024, with annual inbound and outbound tourism trips and international tourism revenue exceeding 264 million trips and US$107 billion respectively. This indicates that the cross-border tourism service market has huge market scale and potential.

Market Competition Pattern

The cross-border tourism services market is highly competitive, involving numerous destinations and tourism enterprises. In order to compete for market share, tourism enterprises are constantly upgrading product quality and service level, and innovating tourism products and service modes. Meanwhile, the rise of emerging tourism destinations and the popularity of mobile Internet also bring new challenges and opportunities for market competition.

V. Market Development Trends

1. Increased demand for personalised customisation: With the improvement of people's living standards, travellers have higher and higher requirements for tourism experience. Personalised and customised tourism products can meet the different needs of travellers and will become an important trend in market development.
2. Rise of emerging destinations: Traditional destinations such as Europe and the United States are still favoured by travellers, but more and more emerging destinations such as Southeast Asia and Africa are also on the rise. These emerging destinations have unique cultures, natural landscapes and historical sites, attracting more travellers.
3. Mobile Internet popularity drives market expansion: The popularity of mobile Internet makes it easier for people to arrange cross-border travel. Functions such as access to travel information, booking itineraries and online payment make cross-border travel more convenient.

Product Function and Value
The function of cross-border tourism service products is to provide travellers with an all-round, multi-level tourism experience. By providing high-quality accommodation, catering, transportation, sightseeing and other services, they meet the basic needs of travellers; at the same time, by providing personalized customized services, rich cultural experiences, etc., they enhance the sense of travel experience and satisfaction of travellers. The value of cross-border tourism service products lies in their ability to meet the diversified needs of travellers and bring travellers unique travel experiences and memories.

VII. Conclusion and Suggestions

The cross-border tourism service market has a huge market scale and potential, but also faces fierce market competition and changing market demands. In order to seize market opportunities, tourism enterprises need to continuously improve product quality and service level, and innovate tourism products and service modes; at the same time, they need to actively expand emerging destination markets to meet travellers' personalised and customised needs; and strengthen the application of mobile internet technology to improve the convenience and efficiency of tourism services. In addition, tourism enterprises also need to pay attention to the impact of the international political situation and environmental protection and other factors on the cross-border tourism market, and formulate effective risk management and response strategies.

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